C-Line Community Outreach Centers

Counseling Services at C-Line offers a variety of group counseling options  to meet the specific needs and interests of the individual.

Over 25 million Americans are trying to find professional assistance to handle feelings and situations that appear to be beyond their control. These may include addiction problems,family issues, bereavement, unemployment, relationship problems.

We assist numerous people in all age groups to achieve a healthier, more balanced life. Using various methods of counseling, we help people to deal with different types of situations that can weigh heavily upon their well-being.

You might want to consider us if...

1. You are constantly worried, on edge and struggling to look at life in a positive light.

2. You are beginning to behave in a way that could harm yourself or others i.e. you become abusive or increase your intake of alcohol.

We have particular expertise in the areas of addiction services, and the diagnosis and treatment of addiction problems.

The counseling process can be thought of as a collaboration between yourself and your counselor, you can talk about the triggers  and agree upon your goals and how they can be met.

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