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Why Drug Screening

Drug Screening

Consider the costs your company will save and the benefits employee drug screening provides and decide for yourself.


Costs without Drug Screening:

  • Increased employee absenteeism 
    66 percent higher absenteeismamong drug users)
  • Costs in accidents and damages 
    5 times more likely to file a workers' compensation claim)
  • Increased costs for health care 
    (health benefit utilization is
     84 percent greater in dollar terms)
  • Losses due to employee theft/fraud(disciplinary actions are 90 percent higher among drug users)

Benefits of Drug Screening:

  • Fewer accidents
  • Fewer disciplinary actions
  • Reduced losses due to absenteeism, theft, and fraud
  • Lower costs due to losses and errors
  • Reduced costs of insurance claims
  • Decreased legal costs and costs of hiring and training new employees
  • Earlier identification and resolution of problems affecting job performance

The federal government estimates that 71 percent of illegal drug users are employed, most working for small businesses.

It is estimated that employee drug use costs American employers over $100 billion each year. If you don't have an employee drug screening program, you're costing your company money.

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